Quaint Boutique Hotels Gozo in Nadur and Xewkija are the first in a group of elegant and characteristic hotels, strategically located in the squares of these charming villages on the island of Gozo.

We currently have two hotels ideally located in the villages of Nadur and Xewkija.

The Quaint Hotel Nadur is built on a property that used to be a hotel in the early 1900s, probably one of the first hotels in Gozo thus providing a strong historical element to one’s stay. This Boutique hotel has 12 highly designed rooms, including 3 penthouses. These offer a unique and cosy accommodation . Only a stone’s throw away from all amenities, including cafe’s, restaurants and a few old traditional bakeries. It is highly recommended to visit one of the village band and football clubs, the traditional ‘bocci’ club, or bowls arena, where one can enjoy the locals playing this popular and old game.

The Quaint Hotel Xewkija is located in the village square next to an imposing church and surrounded by different local shops including local clubs offering things to eat, a stationary, pharmacy, mini market etc. This Boutique hotel has 10 highly designed rooms, including 2 penthouses.



The village of Nadur is a true traditional Gozitan village located on a high hill to the east of the island of Gozo. There are interesting things to see in this traditional village including high belvedere vantage points providing some of the best vistas over land and sea. From these points the island and comino and malta can clearly bee see. The village can be reached directly from the harbour of Mġarr or from ir-Rabat .

As with most of Gozitan Villages Nadur life revolves around the baroque Parish Church which dominates the Nadur skyline. This is considered as one of the best pieces of baroque architecture to be found in Gozo. There are two village squares in Nadur. One in front of the church and the other is found behind the church. You will find various eateries in both squares ranging from snack bars, the local football club, up to very good quality dining.

There are also other shops in the area which include the village grocery store, a confectionary a modern pharmacy, a stationary, This church stands imposingly in the sizeable central village square opposite which is an old stone cross and is dedicated to Saint Paul and Saint Peter. The feast of Saints Paul and Peter is a national holiday and is celebrated on the 29th of June. Locally this is referred to as “L-Imnarja”. The feast is connected with the start of summer. In fact the name derives from luminaria (illumination).

Xewkija is our latest addition





The island of gozo is the smaller sister to the island of Malta. Although close by the island of gozo offers the visitor a truly unique experience.
The meaning of Gozo is “joy”. A feeling you will encounter once you visit this relaxed little island. Less hectic then Malta this island has retained the quaint way of island life. Gozo also still has a rural way of life and is much more tranquil than Malta . There are small villages dotted around the island many of which are on hills hence providing wide vistas from the high vantage points.

The island provides unique scenery, coastlines to explore and country trails to trek. The heart of small villages is usually centred around a Baroque churches surrounded by traditional town houses and farmhouses that dot the rural landscape.

The culture and way of life of the gozitans is still rooted in tradition and yet open to the present. It can be said that it is developed just enough but not too much,
Gozo possesses 7000 years of culture with numerous ancient historical and mytical sites to vsit. The island is said to have been the Isle of Calypso from Homer’s Odyssey and possesses temples older than the pyramids found in Egypt.

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As from 1st June 2016, €0.50 per person per night will be collected at the hotel Front Desk as Environmental Contribution. This will be capped at € 05.00 per person as per Laws of Malta.