St John feast in Xewkija

St John feast in Xewkija

The religious feast of Xewkija – Saint John the Baptist – is celebrated on the closest Sunday.

The awesome Rotunda, naturally dedicated to St. John the Baptist, is Xewkija’s distinctive landmark and parish church. Visitors flock year round to visit the church and its attractions. It offers an unforgettable panoramic view of Gozo from its enormous dome. The monumental church is an enormous circular structure in white local limestone. It is called a Rotunda because of its form. Eight concrete columns covered with stone support its elegant dome, 75 metres high, with a 28-metre diameter, and a circumference of 85 metres.This boasts the third largest unsupported dome in the world. Its weight is calculated to around 45,000 tonnes.

The Village feast, dedicated to St John Baptist is celebrated on the closest Sunday to the 24th of June. Activities are held during the entire week. These include concerts by the local precursor band, fireworks, marches and parties. Three Marches take place: one on Monday, the other on Thursday and the final one on Sunday. The last two are the most popular. During the marches many youths, locals and even foreigners join in the fun, which then ends with a party at the local band club!

The latest addition to the Xewkija feast was the Umbrella that is large enough to cover a great part of the large square. It took locals around six years to make and is opened during the Thursday and Sunday marches.


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