Snack Bars in Xewkija

Snack Bars in Xewkija


Remissa provides food available for take away and also has a wide variety of pastries.

How to get there: A 4 minute walk through Bert Street, exactly located near the boutique hotel.

West End Bar

It is a bar along with the Universal Sports Restaurant and opens in weekends. It is located nearby the Gozo Stadium. West End Bar also hosts a number of local Djs who play the most popular current songs across all genres. It is an ideal spot to take a drink and enjoy the free time with the locals.

X.T. Sports Cafe’xewkija tigers club facade

X.T. Sports Cafe’ is located in the main square of Xewkija. This bar is ideal for sipping a coffee and trying local pastizzi (a traditional local pastry with a filling either of ricotta or peas) or home made traditional Hobz biz-Zejt (Local crusty ftira bread with tomato paste, capers, chopped onions, garlic, tuna, sea salt and pepper).  It is also an ideal place to watch a classic football match.


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