Sannat Village

Sannat Village



The quiet village of Sannat or more precisely Ta’ Sannat is located to the south of the island of Gozo. It is reached either from Victoria or directly from Mgarr Harbour via Xewkija. According to research, the name of this village was derived from an Arabic-Greek family that moved to Gozo from Sicily.Sannat-Parish

Sannat was one of the first villages on the island of Gozo to become an independent parish in 1688. The church was consecrated in 1755 and was again consecrated in 1868 after major structural changes. One shall note that this Church hosts a final altarpiece by Stefano Erardi. The church is dedicated to St. Margaret the Martyr and stands majestically in the heart of the village. The village festa is celebrated each year around the third week of July.

The village of Sannat is also prominent for the stunning Ta’ Cenc cliffs which house numerous wildlife species, the mysterious ancient cart ruts, rich fauna and flora. Ta’ Cenc cliffs are the highest cliffs in the island of Gozo.

Ta’ Cenc which is an important ecological and geological site is the home for L-Imramma Temple (a primitive type prehistoric temple made up of a sort of an oval court with series oval rooms to the north). Other interesting prehistoric remain is the dolmen. The dolmen comprises of a large chunk supported by three smaller stones.

From these cliffs, one can admire the breath-taking view of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea which surrounds the Maltese Archipelago.

The village is also well-known for the enchanting green valleys including the Hanzira Valley, a natural valley splitting Sannat from the village of Xewkija. This valley leads you to Mgarr ix-Xini Bay, a rocky beach to the south of Gozo. This bay is well-known for its crystal waters and snorkelling. It is also an ideal spot for diving as this location possesses a lot of marine life and also numerous intriguing caves. Furthermore, the wreck of the once Gozo-Malta ferryboat ‘Xlendi’ is also located a few hundred metres away from the bay.

In 2014, Mgarr ix-Xini attracts foreign movie producers to shoot scenes for the romantic drama movie “By the Sea” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Sannat is itself considered to be a kind of watch tower for the island. In Mgarr ix-Xini stands the Knights’ Watchtower of Mgarr ix-Xini. The coastal watchtower was built to safeguard the entrance to the inlet and the surroundings. A pleasant renovated pathway from the bay to the tower is available for those persons who are interested to visit the watchtower.


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