Places of Interest in Nadur

Places of Interest

Places of Interest in Nadur

Cultural and Interesting Sites

Ta’ Isopu tower

San Blas Tower, also known as ‘it-Torri ta’ Isopu’, is situated on the cliff between San Blas and Daħlet Qorrot. It was built in 1667 during the reign of Grandmaster Nicholas Cottoner as part of the islands coastal defences.

The Tower is now open for visitors on the first and third Sundays each month from 9.30 am to 1.00 pTorri_ta_Sopum. Plans are also underway to use it as visitor centre, acting as the first stop along a planned ‘nature trail’ for both tourists and locals, thus encouraging walking tours across the magnificent scenic countryside that this location has to offer.

The areas around the tower, known as il-Qortin ta’ Isopu and il-Qortin tal- Magun have been chosen as a special conservation area due to their high scenic and ecological value. This area has been included in the list of sites for the Natura 2000 scheme.

By 1785 the tower was probably no longer permanently manned as it does not appear in the Knights’ artillery survey of that year. However in the alert of 1792 the Knights Congregation of War is recorded as ordering the tower to be armed with four six-pounder iron guns.



Ta’ Kenuna tower

Ta’ Kenuna Tower is one of three semaphore towers built by the British in 1848 on the cliffs near Nadur in GozoMalta.Sudika_Nadur_Ta'_Kenuna

Sited on a hill 130 metres above sea level, its purpose was to pass on signals to ships and other posts via a telegraphy link between the two main Maltese islands. It was restored in recent times and is now being used as a telecommunications tower.

Today, one can ask permission from the tower’s watchman to go on top of the covered roof of the tower for a panoramic view of Gozo, Comino and Malta.





Botanical Garden

The gardens surrounding the Kenuna Tower contains a number of plants native to the MalteBotanical Gardense Islands. The Maltese Garden was a unique initiative for the island undertaken by a local green group with the help of a local botanist who wanted to preserve and propagate endangered indigenous and endemic species such as the Maltese Everlasting, the Maltese National Plant, the Maltese Rock Centaury and the Maltese National Tree. This area is a must-see for all visitors, from here one can enjoy one of the most magnificent views in the Maltese Islands.





San Blas Garden

This is found on the way to the San Blas bay. In this garden there is a ‘bocci’ area where locals go and practice the traditional game of ‘bocci’.San Blas Garden










This is a public garden in the limits of Nadur offering a magnificent view of Ghajnsielem, Belvedere nadurand the archipelago of the Maltese islands. There is also a playground for the kids to have fun while adults enjoy the lovely view this garden offers.







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