Bakeries in Nadur


Bakeries in Nadur

Maxokk Bakery

Maxokk Bakery is a relatively small family-run bakery located a few roads away from maxokkNadur’s main square in a side street named St James Street.  The bakery’s main claim to fame is its traditional ‘ftira’. The ‘ftira’closely resembles a pizza at first glance; however its unique texture and taste enhance the genuine surprise and culinary appreciation of our esteemed clients. Maxokk Bakery started off around 80 years ago in the 1930s.

How to get there:  This bakery is very close to the hotel, approximately 5 minutes on foot so the best way to arrive there is to ask the local residence or to follow the signs. To get a map of the location you could also visit their website www.maxokkbakery.com.




Mekren Bakery

This bakery is very famous in Nadur and Gozo because it produces a vast variety of goodmekren-bakerys including pizzas, ‘ftiras’, bread and pies. This bakery is also open all day long.

How to get there:  This bakery is approximately 10 minutes on foot from the hotel so the best way is to ask local residence for directions. It is situated on the way to Ramla Bay and is very close to a bus stop with the number 302.


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