Activities in Xewkija

Activities in Xewkija


The Village feast, dedicated to St John Baptist is celebrated on the closest Sunday to the 24th of June. Activities are held during the entire week. These include concerts by the local precursor band, fireworks, xewkija-festa-st-john-the-baptist-2012marches and parties. Three Marches take place: one on Monday, the other on Thursday and the final one on Sunday. The last two are the most popular. During the marches many youths, locals and even foreigners join in the fun, which then ends with a party at the local band club!

The latest addition to the Xewkija feast was the Umbrella that is large enough to cover a great part of the large square. It took locals around six years to make and is opened during the Thursday and Sunday marches.







Procession of our Lady of Sorrows

During late March the Procession of our Lady of Sorrows takes place in Xewkija. duluriA procession of the 7 sorrows of the Virgin Mary starts from the Rotunda. This procession has been taking place in Xewkija for several years and is not only popular with Gozitans but also with Maltese and tourists. Hundreds of people take part in this procession. The statue used in this procession was made in Marseille in France.








Organized Carnival

Precursor Band take part in the Defile at St. John the Baptist Square. There are also danccarnival in xewkijae groups, Carnival floats and the ‘Kukkanja’. The Xewkija Local Council organizes this event.








The Mill

An interesting finding in Xewkija that goes back to the Arabic times. A thick marble slab with an Arabic inscription dating back to 1173 was found; commemorating the death of an Arabic girl named Majmuna, who died in Xewkija. On the underside there is a pagan symbol, suggesting that the slab was probably taken from some pagan temple. This finding shows that Malta still had a strong Arabic influence, even if the Count Roger the Norman took the islands over from the Arabs in 1090. Today, the Majmuna stone is at the Gozo Museum of Archaeology and remains a treasured historic artefact.

Gozo Stadium

The Gozo Stadium, formerly known as the Silver Jubilee Ground, is the national stadium of thgozo stadiume island of Gozo, Malta. The Gozo Stadium stages matches of the highest division in Gozo, part of the Second Division League and friendly matches. It approximately holds 4,000 people.

How to get there: A 3 minute car ride, a 10 minute walk, or take bus 301 to the Gozo Stadium.






Race Track

The Gozo Race Track has a 1 km track, 54 stables, and a bar-restaurant. Racing takes place everrace coursey other Sunday from October to May and intermittently over the summer. Most races are the traditional type with the two-wheeled gig drawn by a horse.

How to get there: Buses 301,302 and 303 all pass by the racetrack. Else, one could opt for 3 minutes by car from the square.






Bocci Club

“Bocci” is a traditional Maltese sport played on a smooth surface covered with coarse-grained sand, with teams of three players. Boċċi clubs are common throughout Malta, one of which is in Xewkija. Many locals are members of the Club and practice this sport there.

How to get there: Either a 5 minute walk or a short trip by car.



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